Essays – commissioned from academics on the Editorial Board and designed to highlight important documents and areas of study within Africa and the New Imperialism.

Visual Gallery – showcasing a curated selection of visual highlights from the documents, allowing for research into a wide variety of material types.

Map – interactive map to illustrate the rapid change in power structures across the African continent as a result of European imperialism in the late-nineteenth century.

Biographies – focusing on key figures and their activities during the late-nineteenth century these biographies provide context and an entryway into the material within this resource.

Guide to Regions and Places – provide a helpful access point into the material through a brief introduction to the regions across Africa that is accompanied by links directly to relevant source material.

Guide to the Archival Collections – introductions to the different archival collections which feature in Africa and the New Imperialism, with a selection of document highlights as a starting point to explore the primary sources.

Editor's Choice – written by AM's editorial team, these short pieces are intended to provide an insight into how to find more documents and information about a particular area, subject or theme, illustrating the academic value of these documents, and to provide an entry point into the wealth of material presented within Africa and the New Imperialism.